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Our Goal: Improve Your Bottom-Line

At Green Dining Network, we have several key objectives:
  • Recycle your Used Cooking Oil (UCO) to promote increased production of and education about renewable fuels such as biodiesel.
  • Provide grease trap and interceptor service.
  • Provide you with cost savings on your maintenance and repair service needs.
  • Improve your bottom-line and drive new dining traffic to your location.

To find out how, Contact Us for more information, or call Julio Martinez (602) 810-0873 in Member Services!


Radio Promotion

Increasing business is always a challenge, especially in this economy.  The restaurant and hospitality industry has been especially hard hit.
As a member, you can advertise your business cost effectively with our radio "vignette" program through Go Green Radio.  This puts you on the "front page" and showcases your business.  Visit the Go Green Radio page HERE!  This is a Green Dining Network exclusive!
Call us at (602) 385-0760 or send us a message using the Contact Us tab above.


Membership in Green Dining Network offers many benefits.  Membership is FREE and includes:
  • Free UCO containment system and collection
  • Free annual power washes ($600 value)
  • 24 hour emergency service for spills*
  • Free Membership Certificates

For more information, call Julio Martinez at his number above, or send us a message using the Contact Us tab above.
Membership is FREE.  Contact Us today!

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